the power of an image


“No matter what people said to me, what I saw in the mirror was still someone who was fat.  At first glance I almost thought Gina had photographed someone else.  I flipped through picture after picture and in amazement never did find any of those flaws that I saw when I looked in the mirror.”

Body image distortion affects most girls and women at some point in their lives. Not only can it contribute to low self-esteem, but it can be a recurring trigger for eating disorders and disordered eating behavior.

Oftentimes we get stuck in seeing our physical bodies through a distorted lens. By obsessively focusing on our flaws and our limited way of viewing ourselves, we fail to see all of the beauty that radiates from each and every one of us.

Therapeutic Body Image Photography Sessions are designed to help restore true and accurate vision and to overcome body image distortion. A customized photo session and time-limited treatment plan, along with guided therapy and support, is available now with Gina D. Graham, LCSW

“Doing the photo shoot and session afterwards with Gina helped me in a way that no other body image exercise had helped me before truly see how distorted my vision currently is in regards to how I see my body.”

“When I am having a bad day, I can pull out some of those photos and remind myself that I am still the same person who was photographed that day.  Even though I may not see it in the mirror, I can see it in the pictures that are something tangible I can hold on to long after we finished with the shoot."